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Evolution of Sex and Breeding Systems - Course Webpage 2006

This is the course webpage of the "evolution of sex and breeding systems" course at the University of Edinburgh. It was organised by Laurence Loewe in 2006 for 4th year students that focus on evolutionary biology. All further details are on these pages.


The next lectures for the next course

will be announced to 
Zoology and Evolutionary Biology Honours students
at the University of Edinburgh.

The next course will have a new course organizer.




Why do most higher organisms reproduce sexually? Why be diploid rather than haploid? Why should there be separate sexes? What factors affect mate choice? How does ecology influence the breeding system? Such questions are the focus of much current research in evolutionary biology. In this course, we will examine explanations for the diversity of breeding systems that we see around us. For more details, see here.


Assessment via Essays and Exam

50% of the course assessment is based on two essays that each participant will write. More details on dates and topics can be found here.

If you are interested in this course, please contact Pat Dougall
Pat.Dougall AT, Tel. (0131) 650 5464, 
Ashworth Labs General Office, Kings Buildings, University of Edinburgh.



To give you a feeling for what may be part of the next course, here is the timetable of the last course as organized by Laurence Loewe. The next course will be organised by somebody else.
The course takes 2 hours each Friday (a.m., 9.30 -10.30 + 11.00 – 12.00) and is in
Lecture Theater 2 (Ashworth 1, Kings Buildings, University of Edinburgh).


Topic Lecturer Essay by
22 Sept 2006 Introduction: Diversity of breeding systems  
LL -
29 Sept 2006 No lecture (Firbush trip of Evolution Honours)   
- -
6 Oct 2006
Evolution of inbreeding and outbreeding DC Group A
13 Oct 2006 Evolution of separate sexes DC Group B
20 Oct 2006 Discussion for Essay Topics A+B DC (2x)   
27 Oct 2006 Evolution of sex LL Group C
3 Nov 2006
Sex allocation SW Group A
10 Nov 2006 Discussion for Essay Topics C+A LL / SW
17 Nov 2006 Sex determination BC Group B
24 Nov 2006 Sex chromosomes BC Group C
1 Dec 2006
Discussion for Essay Topics B+C BC (2x)
6 Dec 2006
Exam   -

Lectures are delivered by
Laurence Loewe (LL), Deborah Charlesworth (DC), Stuart West (SW) and Brian Charlesworth (BC).


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