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New evolution@home computing project for Simulator005

A new set of computing tasks is published today in order to further investigate how two different types of slightly harmful DNA changes interact with each other's evolutionary behaviour in a population.

The new tasks belong to Project 6 of Simulator005 and can be downloaded



The previous large-scale project, Project 3 of Simulator005, is now coming to an end. If you still have results, please submit them, but if you are looking for new tasks to compute, please switch to the new project.

The previous project mostly looked at a very wide range of values of variables that determine evolutionary behaviour in the presence of two classes of harmful DNA changes that might occur at different rates. This meant, that only a very low resolution of the evolutionary behaviour of any particular problem could be obtained.

The new large-scale project, Project 6 of Simulator005, takes the opposite approach. It looks in greater detail at a more limited range of evolutionary models.

In order to optimize interaction between the two computing grids that are now working for evolution@home, work on the new project is divided as follows:

  • BOINC-yoyo, the automated global computing solution powered by, gets all tasks with 0-2 days CPU-time (on a 500 MHz Pentium3, for comparison). A special subsection of BOINC-yoyo will start to compute tasks that take 2-4 days.
  • The traditional semi-automated evolution@home email-grid will compute all tasks that require more CPU-time. So if you have a machine that has no problems with taking on simulations that are longer than 4 days (either because it is so *much* faster than a Pentium3, or because it rarely needs to reboot), then get your computing tasks from here.

Thank you for computing with evolution@home.

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