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Welcome to evolution@home and evolutionary-research!

Evolution@home is the first global computing system for evolutionary biology. It allows everybody with an Internet PC to contribute to evolutionary-research by running simulations of evolution.



Update: Evolution@home in 2019

Evolution@home has been continuing operations, analyzing results, and rethinking the future. This has been inspiring the architecting of an entirely new evolution@home infrastructure behind the scenes to move overall operations on the longer term to an entirely new level! Key to this enterprise is attacking head on one of the most difficult problems in global computing (or any computing): how to organize memory in order to store and analyze the data in a way that does not easily break and keeps the overall results base extensible. Progress has been breaking new ground in many ways and things start to crystallize in entirely new ways that had not been conceivable before. Corresponding updates and details will be posted in due time. For now: thanks a ton for all results contributed and all patience extended - particularly to More details here.


Homepage of the Research Lab behind evolution@home

A more up-to-date homepage page of the Loewe Lab can be found at and the latest research results are on Google Scholar


Your contributions are welcome!

There are various ways in which you can contribute beyond downloading tasks and computing results. We are working on defining new avenues for contributing, so if there is a type of contributions you can think of that you would like to see enabled, please do send your ideas to Thank you for your interest!


Quick Start

Some useful hints, if you are new to evolution@home and evolutionary-research

  • Donate your idle CPU cycles by participating nowIf you or your team belong to the top 3 suppliers of CPU power for a particular project, you will get acknowledged in the scientific paper that analyses those results.
  • Evolution matters. Not only for scientists, but also in our daily lives - if you believe that we did indeed borrow this planet from our children. Humans can influence evolution to a surprisingly large degree and we better understand how! Thus we aim at bridging the gap between daily life and scientific research by explaining why evolutionary research is important. If you have questions, just let us know, we will do our best to help find answers.
  • For scientists: The evolutionary-research part of our pages is the growing science part of this site that is for you. We have a handy list of online journals that are important for evolutionary research and we can help you to quantify Muller's ratchet in your favourite study organism. Other materials will follow. So if you think we should list your favourite tools or sites, please let us know.


Site overview

The main areas of the site  (latest updates):

Intro A more thorough introduction, FAQs and other background material. 
News Anything news-worthy on evolution@home and more, computing high scores and general progress pages. 
Programs for download and a bit on the science behind them. 
Forum Online forums with a strong focus on evolution@home. 
Science Research: background info and results. 
Library Literature and databases for scientists interested in evolution. Features a journals overview page.
Tools Bioinformatics, programming, maths and other tools for research.
People Homepages of scientists associated with evolution@home and of some other researchers in evolutionary biology. 



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